When it comes to injury rehabilitation, quality of care is vital — especially when time is of the essence in restoring normal function. With our on-site health-professionals, such as our physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, chiropodist and speech pathologist, we eliminate the unnecessary wait times to provide greater efficiency of care.


Our team is diverse in our knowledge, committed to the industry, and passionate about the work we do. With decades of experience between our team, we work together as a unit to provide you with exceptional service.


As a brand-new facility, we are proud of the space and equipment we have available to treat our patients. From offering shockwave therapy treatment, to a full range of rehabilitation equipment, we have what you need to recover.


Here at DPSM, we understand that communication in your healing process is key. That’s why we’re committed to clear communication – we’re upfront about what you can expect during your visit and the expectations and outcomes in relation to your recovery.

continuous IMPROVEMENT

We’re always challenging ourselves to find the most effective medical protocols for you to continuously improve in your recovery, so with every session we hope to provide successful treatment options throughout the program of care.

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